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Welcome to Lucy Lucy Costigan is an author from Wexford, Ireland. Lucy's books have been published in Ireland and the United States. They have been reviewed on RTE - Ireland's National Television and Radio stations, on BBC radio, and in various newspapers and magazines. Lucy is also a freelance writer and her articles have been published in leading Irish and British newspapers and magazines.
In 2010, Strangest Genius: The Stained Glass of Harry Clarke, by Lucy Costigan and Michael Cullen (The History Press) was shortlisted for Best Irish-Published Book of the year by the Irish Book Awards. That same year, Lucy wrote and produced the film documentary entitled, A Revel in Blue: The Life and Work of Harry Clarke.
In 2012, Lucy's biography, Glenveagh Mystery (Merrion), bout Arthur Kingsley Porter, the Harvard professor who mysteriously disappeared from Co. Donegal in 1933, became a national bestseller. Lugh Films are currently developing a documentary and feature film based on Glenveagh Mystery.
Lucy recently established a new publishing firm, Enlighten Publishing, along with team members Theresa Cullen, Michael Cullen and Anthony E. Walsh. Winter Solstice: A Novel was published in September 2014.
In June 2015, Understanding Suicide: Exposing the world of pain within the Suicide Box (Lucy Costigan and Anthony E. Walsh) was published (Currach Press, 2015).

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  Understanding Suicide: Exposing the world of pain within the Suicide Box (Currach Press, June 2015).
Understanding Suicide is not like any other book, commentary or conversation on suicide. This book shines a light on the problem of suicide in our society. Analysing the social factors that enable and facilitate suicide, such as education, religion, the media, politics and the law, this book highlights suicide as a product of society’s structures.
Review: 'I welcome this publication which contributes to the debate about suicide. This debate is important to obtain an understanding of the complexities around suicide and the complexity of the decision to take one’s life.' – Dan Neville, President, Irish Association of Suicidology.

  Winter Solstice: A Novel (Enlighten Publishing, 2014)
At dawn on the Winter Solstice Marion Neilson’s dream will finally come to pass: she will be admitted to Newgrange, the five-thousand-year-old mound in the heart of Ireland, which is illuminated with the sun’s rays just once a year-on the Winter Solstice. This novel explores the agonies and the ecstasies of loving and living, and the individual's search to find love and meaning. Published by Enlighten Publishing - September 2014.

‘Lucy Costigan's works are as valuable and enthralling in my own spiritual growth as anything I’ve laid eyes on in a long time. As a writer, she has engaged and inspired me. What more could one possibly want from a great book?’ - Mary Helen Hensley, author of The Promised Trilogy .

  Glenveagh Mystery: The Life, Work and Disappearance of Arthur Kingsley Porter (Merrion, 2012).
This is the incredible story of a Harvard Professor, multimillionaire and former owner of Glenveagh Castle, Co. Donegal who disappeared without trace from Inishbofin Island on July 8th 1933. Published by Merrion in November 2012.

Lucy Costigan’s book became a top 10 national bestseller within 48 hours of publication…Compellingly written, the book is a suspenseful and genuinely gripping piece of research about a Gatsby-like figure, guaranteed to have a unique appeal–The Meath Chronicle.

  Strangest Genius: The Stained-Glass of Harry Clarke (By Lucy Costigan and Michael Cullen; The History Press, 2010). This was shortlisted for Best Irish-Published Book of the year by the Irish Awards in 2010.

Praise for Strangest Genius:
"Strangest Genius:The Stained Glass of Harry Clarke by Lucy Costigan and Michael Cullen, and a related website, makes the full extent of Clarke's achievement accessible as never before" - The Irish Times.

"Strangest Genius is a splendid introduction to the works of Clarke, and will surely enhance the library of any long-term fan" - The Irish Examiner.
  Social Awareness in Counselling (iUniverse, 2004). This is a critique of mainstream Counselling from three alternative therapeutic orientations: feminist Counselling, cross-cultural Counselling, and liberation psychology. It explores the many areas in which mainstream Counselling focuses exclusively on the individual while failing to explore wider social issues that often greatly influence our values, behaviours and experiences.